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Category : iOS


Effective iOS error management

How to manage errors across iOS apps and dependencies   Let’s begin with a story. Once upon a time, there was a wonderful Princess App in the…


How to abstract your persistence layer and migrate to another one on iOS with JustPersist

In this blog post we introduce a solution to deal with data persistence. We developed it for the Just Eat iOS app and we call it JustPersist. It’s…


iOS Event tracking with JustTrack

Overview At Just Eat, tracking events is a fundamental part of our business analysis and the information we collect informs our technical and…


A better local and remote logging on iOS with JustLog

In this blog post we introduce the solution for local and remote logging we developed for the Just Eat iOS app. It’s named JustLog and…


Introducing JustPeek

An iOS framework that ports Force-Touch Peek/Pop-like interactions to devices that aren’t force-touch enabled At Just Eat, teams tend to build…