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Tag : Culture


Entry Level Developers Wanted

Now taking applications

With the growing success of JUST EAT and the growth of our engineering team this year it seemed only fitting that the company looked at what it could offer to the wider tech community. So as well as our open source contributions,  JUST EAT started up various entry-level schemes earlier this year in order to discover talented individuals who had not yet gained the experience required for our more senior developer roles. An internship and three entry level positions were created, providing a stepping stone for developers entering the professional market.

Due to the success of these roles we have decided to open up three more entry level roles in our Bristol office. While we are accepting applications as of today, we do not expect to have these roles start until the end of the current academic year – July 2015. For more information on these roles and how to apply please see the full job description here.

Here are a couple of quotes to give a taste of the experiences of this year’s successful applicants…

“I love working alongside programmers who love what they do and are passionate about tech.” – Charlie Mills (Junior Developer)
Read Charlie’s story here.

“My time at JUST EAT showed me how working with a shared code-base in a professional environment is totally different to working with a code-base shared between a group of students!” – Niklas Begley (Intern)
Read Niklas’s story here.


Being a female @ JUST EAT Technology

Being a female in a male dominated industry can often be challenging, with many companies creating a less than pleasant working environment for their female employees compared to that of their male counterparts.

Having worked in technology for the last eight years, I have experienced both the pros and cons of being one of a few females in a team. In previous workplaces, being a female in a male-dominated work place has been a huge disadvantage. No senior management would consider my ideas on a professional level, nor would I be included in social activities like the Friday trip to the pub. I didn’t feel I could grow as a person or that I would ever be given the equal opportunities for development as my male colleagues. It became really frustrating and there were times when I became demoralized because it appeared as if these problems would follow me throughout my career. However, when I joined JUST EAT it came as a pleasant surprise that things could be very different.

The Technology Team at JUST EAT and its dynamics are completely different to what I have experienced before!

I now have the confidence to bring ideas to meetings and be creative within my job, knowing that my colleagues will be happy to discuss them openly and on their own merits.

I am also being given opportunities to learn new skills and receive the proper support to apply these into my role.

JUST EAT Technology is a workplace where hard work and commitment are appreciated and recognised and, no matter what your gender, when you prove you are good at what you do then you can really progress in your career. Trust me on this one 🙂

I have grown a lot since joining the company two and a half years ago. And every morning I go to work with a smile on my face. The people are friendly, welcoming and simply a pleasure to be around. I finally feel part of a real team. And this is a great feeling!


Presentation: AWS Summit 2014 London

Nearly 1,000 takeaways ordered a minute from hungry consumers, with near real time confirmation from restaurants and delivery of their food just 45 minutes later is a hard technical challenge.

At the AWS Summit 2014 in London I presented on how AWS allows the many small engineering teams at JUST EAT to take responsibility to meet that challenge, as we build and operate a platform that empowers consumers to love their takeaway experience.

Here are the slides from the session, but please do get in touch if you’d like to know more:


Presentation: Embracing DevOps to operate in the cloud

Yesterday, I presented at the April meetup for London DevOps, a usergroup focussing on DevOps. A whole set of us from JUST EAT Tech came along and supplied beer and pizza to the 50 or so people that turned up to hear me talk about how we get our developers to operate our platform.

As promised, here are the slides!